Remember, Remember, the Seventh of November

Dems Take the House!

Well, here is my obligatory post-election article hehe. Unlike Señor Coconut, I have no compunction at all about droning on with my political views hehe. Analysis livened up however, with clever photoshopped images! (These are found images, not created by me).


I think it is fair to say that Tuesday was a watershed moment in American political history, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long time. As of this writing, not only did the Democrats gain 29 seats in the US House of Representatives, they also gained 6 seats in the US Senate, and 6 Governorships in the states. This gives them a majority in both branches of the Legislature, and control of a majority of the states. (DailyKos is still updating these numbers, as some races are still in contention due to voting irregularities and close polls…these numbers are confirmed however. See dKos for current data.) And if that weren’t a big of enough deal, there has been a veritable Democratic tidal wave at the state level as well:

CHICAGO, Nov. 8 — Democratic gains in Congress and among the nation’s governors were matched on Tuesday by a huge surge closer to the grass roots — in the state legislatures, where more than 275 seats and 10 legislative chambers from Iowa to Oregon switched overnight from Republican to Democratic hands.

With those legislative victories combined with the six new Democratic governors elected on Tuesday, Democrats are now the one-party government in 15 states — including New Hampshire for the first time since 1874, and Colorado for the first time since 1960. No party has controlled as many as 15 states since the Republicans achieved that exact number after the 1994 election.

But what was equally remarkable, said Tim Storey, a senior fellow at the National Conference of State Legislatures, a bipartisan group, is that the gains occurred everywhere in the country, even in the South, where Democrats lost ground in every statehouse election since 1982 — until Tuesday. The gains there were tiny, about 20 legislative seats spread across 14 states, but the direction, Mr. Storey said, was the important thing.


Let’s compare these results to my predictions from back in May:

1. Let’s assume that the Democrats gain control of the House in November.

Check. They did even better than I had imagined.

2. Let’s assume they do NOT gain control of the Senate.

I was too conservative! They DID gain the Senate!

3. Let’s assume impeachment of Bush does not get off the ground.

To be determined. If I were Bush though, I would be lawyering up.

4. Let’s assume Rove is indicted however.

This was a reference to the investigations being conducted by Patrick Fitzgerald regarding the CIA leak case involving Valerie Plame. While the investigation is still ongoing, it does not currently appear likely that Rove will be indicted by Fitzgerald. He is however likely to be a prime target in any investigations of the Iraq War debacle. Such investigations, while not announced yet, are virtually guaranteed to occur.

5. Let’s assume that half a dozen new scandals have erupted by 2007, which we have no hint of yet.

Check. And how!

6. Let’s assume the GOP continues down the road of enriching Big Oil and Big Pharma.

Check. I’d predict the windfall is about to end now.


Bottom line: peaceful change has occured…revolution has most likely been averted.


Republicans pondering the consequences of Democratic control of the US

This hasn’t stopped the Corporate-owned GOP-friendly media from spinning the sea change in our politics as some sort of victory for conservatism however. Sheesh the chatterati really are a broken record. And the DINO branch of the Democratic Party is already spinning Progressive victories as really Centrist victories. Umm no. Thanks Christy and Pachacutec, for going into detail about this here and here.
While there were numerous reports of election irregularities, many of them caused by those hackable electronic voting machines, it does not appear to have altered the outcome of the elections…the wave was simply too big. There were however incidents of Republican-sponsored voter suppression and fraud. These are being vigorously prosecuted.


Oh, and Rumsfeld has resigned! Praise the Lord! hehe. And Bush has already replaced him with another incompetent crony. It looks like the Republicans aren’t happy with the amount of implosion they suffered last night, and want to drag the process forward into the 2008 election cycle too! Well, let’s accommodate them!


Interesting tidbit: AP reported that one third…ONE THIRD…of Christian Evangelicals crossed party lines Tuesday and voted Democrat. That is simply amazing.

~ by dagoril on November 8, 2006.

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