In the Land of Rape and Honey

One of the things that really has amazed me over the last year, is just how surreal the US has become politically. Years ago, I was content to leave politics to the politicians and the chattering class, assuming that they knew what they were doing, and preferring to stay focused on things closer to my heart, like languages, computers, tacky 80s music, etc. I suspect many Americans are in the same boat. And then to my surprise, I find that not only are the people running things completely inept, but they are almost certainly certifiably insane.

At one time, there were two major approaches to politics; one Democratic, and one Republican. Which one you preferred was pretty much a matter of how much you made, with a quite a bit of wiggle room for personal preference, social aspirations, etc. Both had their problems, both had their benefits, what I’m getting at here is that both approaches were valid political stances. And then everything changed. And not terribly gradually…this is due primarily to the end of the third American major economic cycle. I go into nauseating detail about this on the old blog for those interested…and the political links here in the blogroll also cover this kind of thing. At this point, we have Democrats who are still in the process of coming to terms that theirs is the only valid political stance currently on the market, so to speak. The Republicans have been taken over by Authoritarian Cultists, and religious nuts. Raving, lunatic, evangelical nuts. Raving Jewish nuts. Raving fundamentalist nuts. If they’re at all religious and still in the GOP, they’re batshit insane. The more moderate religious have quietly left the party…heck most of them are now Democrats. The Neocons are still nominally in charge of the Bush Administration, but their implosion continues apace. While the next two years could continue to be troubling, it is unlikely that the neocon movement will survive. And if they do somehow manage to hang onto control of the Republican Party, they could throw it into a permanent minority status, essentially wiping it out. You won’t know this from the media of course, because they are too busy chattering about faux-Centrism…as if such a thing as Centrism is possible between liberals, and the radical Constitution-destructionists. Centrism is gone, it’s dead, and it’s unlikely to come back any time soon. When the punditocracy blathers on about Centrism, what they really mean is whatever they themselves happen to believe. Which seeing as how they all take Republican paychecks, is so far from real centrism in any conventional sense, as to be unrecognizable. So they remain silent on Bush’s dismantling of habeas corpus, turning the clock back to pre-Magna Carta days, and instead drone on about the color of Nancy Pelosi’s outfit. They ignore Bush’s illegal torture, Geneva Convention violations, etc….and instead zoom in on the fact that 2 people applied for the Majority Leader post, and that somehow (wrongly) means the Dems are divided. Conservatism is also dead, which the chatterati are also blissfully ignorant of…while they declare newly elected Democrats to be, in fact, closet Conservatives. They aren’t of course. Why do people listen to these pundits again?

As mentioned elsewhere, what Bush, Rove, and company tried to do with their unholy alliance of Neocon, Theocon, and economic conservatives was to usher in a new economic cycle similar to the Robber Baron Age of Railroads, where wealth was concentrated into the hands of a very few, extremely wealthy and powerful individuals. They attempted to do this by attempting to destroy the Democratic Party, trample on the US Constitution, and create a permanent state of war in the Middle East. The Republican owned non-liberal media simply stopped reporting anything that even remotely made Republicans look bad, which is why we’ve had little if any reporting on the unconstitutional behavior of the President, and hours and hours of Missing White Woman stories. They failed, miserably. And as this whole thing unravels, the poo flinging is really starting to get off the ground, so to speak hehe. We had a radical rightwing blogger associated with the Free Republic arrested for sending fake anthrax to the Democratic leadership, and the few liberal journalists still out there. This would shine a bright light into the whole nest of vipers that passes for political discourse on the radical right nowadays…if the radical right-owned media would actually report about it. Instead, we have CNN continuing to shill for the goopers, with Glenn Beck asking the newly elected Muslim Congressman to prove he’s not a terrorist. Funny, I’d like to see some proof that Coulter and Malkin aren’t terrorists, seeing as how they REGULARLY ADVOCATE TERROR. And can we all just admit that James Carville is really a Republican operative, and just move on? Why on earth does anyone take him even remotely seriously anymore? His wife is most likely about to become the next head of the RNC, there’s no way in hell anything he is bloviating about is going to harm her efforts. Atlas Juggs is even more unhinged than ever, if that is even possible 🙂 …her BFF John Bolton is about to be permanently kicked out of the UN, I guess it’s really rough for her. The other doughy pantloads are even doughier, and are still avoiding military service, while pushing for even more troops in the Iraq Quagmire. Lieberman is an even bigger whore than before, but then, that is his only major job skill, and I guess you gotta do what you’re good at.

Older video of Pam @ Atlas. This is her during her “sane” period…sane being used in it’s most broad meaning.

There is a ton of work to do now, to reverse all of the damage done since 2000. And if you are an American citizen, you owe it to your country to get involved. Because we are all to blame for allowing things to get this bad. We were too busy, wrapped up in our little lives, to do something about the creeping fascism. We were too wrapped up in our stupid tv shows, and our stupid video games, and our stupid sporting events. We don’t have to change careers and become political consultants hehe…but we do need to be more involved. I challenge every (American) reader to set aside 30 minutes of your time every week. and stay informed about the political situation. The major news sites are useless for the most part, as they stopped reporting any real news long ago. There are plenty of blogs though that report on things in a timely fashion. I highly recommend Huffington Post and Rawstory for this, linked to the right. I challenge every American to take some time, and write your Congresscritters an email. It’s important! Because if people like us don’t take the time to do these things, the only people doing them are Little Green Fascists. And look where that’s gotten us. We are not to blame alone. A horde of legislators, mostly Republican, but many of them Democrats, joined the Bush Admin and enabled their disgusting behavior. Hundreds of corporations, large and small, were completely on board too. There must be repercussions. These people must be held accountable. That’s our job…to make sure that they are.

~ by dagoril on November 17, 2006.

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