Industrial vs. Techno, Volume I

I hope you all didn’t eat too much over the holiday! I know I did. Hence this music post, to help us all burn some calories hehe! Stand up and shake your groove thang while you watch the videos, your former waistline will thank you.

I like a wide variety of music, and it often happens that I’m playing something, at work or on my mp3 player, that a friend hasn’t heard before. Explaining what kind of music it is is usually a pretty straightforward thing, unless it’s industrial or techno. For people who aren’t into electronic music, it all sounds the same apparently, whereas the 2 genres sound dramatically different to me. Some people can’t even tell the difference between heavy metal and industrial…well there’s no hope for you if you’re in that group, just go shoot yourself now 🙂 (hint…heavy METAL is METAL because of the METAL guitar strings…electronic music, like industrial, is all done on computers…hence no METAL!!).

But in a nutshell…industrial is noisy, gritty, often political, often angry-sounding. While techno is more lyrical, often more danceable, less serious, more fun maybe. If you can get past the noise and the screaming with the industrial music, the lyrics are often thought-provoking, though can get a little pretentious. With techno, the lyrics are usually easy to hear, but forgettable. But enough banter…here are some examples for illustration.

This is Industrial:

Leaether Strip

This is Techno:





Pet Shop Boys

I hope that cleared everything up! But if not, check out Ishkur’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek survey of electronic dance music. (you’re going to want a broadband connection for that site I think)

~ by dagoril on November 26, 2006.

3 Responses to “Industrial vs. Techno, Volume I”

  1. hey kurt – it’s about 2C for you. Yes I guess that’s cold for warm socal… You need to get a hit of it sometime, especially since we also live on the west coast and dont get these cold chills to often either…

    Thanks for stopping by.. all of your photos I can’t see though.. I’m not sure why, but I think you dont have them uploaded correctly or the URL link is wrong…

    How did you find me?

  2. I also have a problem with showing videos on my site. Maybe it has something to do with wordpress, I guess…

    By the way keep up the good work Kurt, you’re doing great with your site.

  3. Thanks guys, and thanks for stopping by!

    In this article, they aren’t photos, they’re embedded YouTube videos. Unfortunately, if YouTube is down, or slow, they may not load properly. And unfortunately, since Google bought YouTube, it’s happening increasingly often. If you hit F5 on your keyboard, it usually fixes it…assuming YouTube is up hehe.

    @expatraveler: I think I followed a link to your site from another expat blog, maybe Mausi’s?

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