Wow, it’s been almost a year since I posted here. Where did the time go?!

Quick update for what I’ve been up to over the past year, for the hopelessly Dagoril-obsessed hehe…

Ditched the hated AT&T as an internet provider. Have new and improved provider now. Note to AT&T…fuck off and die. Seriously. Your unconstitutional spying on Americans is revolting. Your pandering to Republicans is disgusting. Your continued calls OVER THE PAST YEAR to get me to come back will never bear any fruit. STOP CALLING ME! It’s not you, it’s me…no, in fact, it really was you. Hopefully the next Dem president will bust up your monopoly, and send your leadership to Guantanamo, for some quality time.

It’s been about a year since the end of my crappy temporary job, mentioned in the previous post briefly. The song Better, by Regina Spektor, was stuck in my head back then, and was probably something of a torchsong at the time hehe. It was probably inevitable that I would get into her music, what with her classical piano background, and Russian influences. I’ve got loads of her stuff on my Ipod.

Yes I broke down and got the Ipod. I’ve resisted its siren song for several years, but the untimely demise of my Muvo led me to consider alternatives. And I really like it, in spite of the somewhat retarded method of getting songs into it via iTunes. I certainly don’t miss the bulk purchasing of batteries. And I’ve discovered just how many podcasts there are available on there for free download to the Ipod. You could also listen to these at your computer if you wanted, without having the Ipod. It’s like rightwing talk radio, but with a pause button, and without the obnoxious rightwing! 🙂

Crazed linguist that I am, I spent much of last year studying languages. Hopefully it will come in handy when I get that dreamjob offer that will whisk me off to Europe! Either that or I would need to be a mail order bride, seeing how complicated EU immigration appears to be.

I’ve been working as a tax accountant for not quite a year now, and since it is now tax season in the US, we are crazed again. Not preparing tax returns for individuals, but interacting with the various states to get the employer withholding accurately reported for 4th quarter 2007 and for the entire year. Yes, it really is as glamorous and exciting as it sounds!

I also caught the Lost addiction. As noted previously in other posts, I rarely watch network tv, so I had missed the first two seasons of Lost entirely. I only started watching with season 3. And it is incredibly good, I went back and got all of it on dvd. Seriously, if you haven’t watched the show, go to ABC’s website and watch the 8 1/2 minute clip of what’s been going on in the show. You will have to select in manually in the video player widget there.

Click me for Lost!

The new season of Lost begins January 31 in the US. I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated anything on tv so much. There’s also an online game component that fans can play through to help ease the hunger for the show. It starts at the Oceanic Air webpage.

Other than that, the only interesting thing I was doing last year was experimenting in the kitchen. And I must say that I had some success! We do a lot of potlucks at work, and I’ve been doing cooking for them to mostly rave reviews. The pineapple poi was a dud though lol. It did make a great addition to a cake though. I’ll try to post some recipes, but will have to remember to snap some pictures before I eat everything hehe.

I hope everyone is doing well, and hope to actually make another blog post before 2009!

~ by dagoril on January 19, 2008.

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